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عمر شریف کی مدد میں اور میرا شوہر کریں گے

Pakistan’s senior actress Reema Khan has praised her husband Dr Tariq Shehab for supporting the treatment of renowned comedian Umar Sharif.

Actress Reema Khan shared a photo of herself with Omar Sharif on Facebook and also thanked her husband for supporting the senior actor’s treatment.

Reema Khan wrote in her post that Omar Sharif is a well known comedian of the subcontinent and a legend of our time. He always worked hard to make others laugh and smile, today I am upset to hear that he is in pain and suffering due to a serious illness.

Husband is requested to help Omar Sharif to recover from this disease: Reema

The actress wrote that she is proud of her husband, Dr. Tariq Shehab, who has supported Omar Sharif’s high-risk procedure and is also helping his family arrange for his transfer to the United States.

Reema Khan further wrote in her post that I request Dr. Tariq Shehab to provide all possible help to Omar Sharif to recover from this disease.

Actress Reema wrote in her post praying that Allah will heal my husband’s hand for the treatment of Omar Sharif.

Omar Sharif is suffering from a heart condition
Keep in mind that actor Omar Sharif has been unwell for some time now. According to his son Jawad Omar, Omar Sharif is suffering from a heart condition and is undergoing treatment.

On the other hand, the federal government has also formed a medical board for the treatment of Omar Sharif, which decided to send the actor abroad.

In addition, the Sindh government has arranged an air ambulance to take the ailing actor Omar Sharif to the United States, while Omar Sharif is likely to get a visa today to go abroad for treatment.



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