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Actor Ghana Ali Welcome Guest’s At Home

Pakistani drama industry actress Ghana Ali is expected to give birth to her first child.
Actress Ghana Ali has also shared some pictures on her social media account while informing her fans about her pregnancy.

Ghana Ali shared the photos and wrote, “We are very happy to announce that our small treasure of happiness is coming very soon.

“The more I thank God for this blessing, the less it is, but we are no longer waiting for a new addition to our family,” Ikara added.

Actress Ghana Ali has also appealed to her fans to remember her in prayers while expressing her love for her husband and saying that you are the best part of my life.

It may be recalled that Ghana Ali had announced her marriage on May 16, 2021 after which she had faced severe criticism on social media.

Some social media users had alleged that Ghana Ali had married a big businessman for money. Explaining the commotion on social media, the actress herself denied that her husband was not a businessman but a government employee.

Leading Pakistani actress Ghani Ali has announced her pregnancy by sharing new photos with her fans on social media.

Actress Ghani Ali, who has acted in many hit projects in Pakistan, has shared new photos with her husband on social media.

In the caption of his post, Ghani Ali writes, “We are both very happy to announce the arrival of our little guest very soon, praise be to God.”
A little guest is expected to visit Ghani Ali soon

He thanked Allah and added, “The less they thank Allah for this happiness, the less they have the patience to meet their little guest.”

At the end of his post, Ghani Ali has also appealed for prayers from the fans.

Unhappy over the interesting gift from a rich husband.

It should be noted that Ghani Ali was married on May 16 this year.



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