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Actor Shahid Past Time With Wives And Kids

In the history of the film industry, there were many heroes who made the hearts of young people beat faster. The success of his films was due to his romantic style. One of them is the name of actor Shahid.

When Waheed Murad’s films failed and they started going through a period of decline, then it was time for actor Shahid. He soon made his mark in the industry and enchanted the filmmakers with his acting. Seeing his success, his father got him married so that he could control his son.

He got married to Manza Shahid and they have three sons. But it was an illusion … Shahid did not let the wedding get hot but his love and pictures and stories of one wedding after another always surrounded the media.

Shahid and Babera Sharif

Babera Sharif is the name of an era. Babera Sharif was a breath of fresh air in Shahid’s life. To talk to Babar for two hours and to see him, where the line would have been, she would have waited for a look from Shahid herself. Her love would have been prominent in the newspapers of that time.

Then the two became one and they also expressed it. But this marriage did not last for more than two months. Babar Sharif calls this marriage his fault and after that he did not even get married.

Shahid and Zamuard

In the life of actor Shahid, love once again made its place and he captured another beautiful actress of the industry, Emerald, in the price of his love.

Zamuard was the most successful actress of that era and was considered the guarantor of the success of the film. Zamuard took this marriage very seriously and thought that now she will also leave the film industry. But what is this.

Shahid left them on the way. From this marriage an emerald daughter was also born whose name was Rabia Shahid. In Rabia’s upbringing, Zumar once again embarked on a journey of struggle. After that, she got married for the second time and now she is very happy with her husband.

Shahid and Ishrat Chaudhry

Another marriage of actor Shahid was with actress and dancer Ishrat Chaudhry. This marriage was kept quite secret but the time was still known about it.

Ishrat Chaudhry was completely in love with Shahid, they worked together in a 1980 film Gojan and their love began to grow this marriage did not last long, some people say After Shahid, Ishrat married a landlord and some say that she remained unmarried till today. No one came in his life after Shahid.



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