Ali Azmat degrading comments about Noor Jehan

Famous rockstar Ali Azmat recently irked alot of people after passing his views regarding Malika-e-Taranumm Noor Jehan in an recent interview became the centre of attention on social media.

Coming to the point Azmat said that “Living in lahore and playing gully cricket in shorts,he talked about todays kids and when they were kids,he said that it was obvious for us to embrace cultural invasion by MTV.
He added some more points”Our own society and culture were not really offering anything similar.
He further said that You put on a show,you would see Noor Jahan covered in a saree with lot of makeup and jewellery.We would get irritated by mai(old or elderly woman).We think that why they would made us watch this kofta(meatball)

The host at that moment disagreed with his point and said that Noor Jahan was a brilliant singer.Soon after the interview got some attention it started to go viral on social media and people were hating Azmat’s comments for Noor Jahan and condemned his comments.

A user added that “By the way Ali Azmat,the kofta looking woman had no competition,she was always on the top.You have only a few songs by your side now if we take a look at her credit,she has some beautiful timeless volumes of songs”Said the user.

Further adding a user added that “If this guy understood generation gaps he’d realise that he is to us what Noor Jahan was to others in their “Jawani”.Subtract the enduring music legacy”said another user on twitter.

“Noor Jahan is such an icon,did not expect this from Ali Azmat to hear such disrespectful views the Noor Jahan,tweeted by another user.

Another,however,lent support to Ali Azmat “What’s the outrage?I am a huge Noor Jehan fan but why should i expect someone to conform to my views?People should have the courage and right to pass outrageous comments on her or anyone.

Let us know in the comment section that what are your views on Ali Azmat commen abiut Noor Jehan.

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