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Alizeh Shah Adorable Clicks With Her Mother

Actress Alizeh Shah has been a hot topic on social media for some time now due to her dress and style. Her mother is also beautiful and she wear hijab and she is much more like eastern lady and she also told she love her daughter more than anybody else in the world.

When she attended the recent Hum Style Awards ceremony in a black net maxi, internet users sharply criticized the western style of the dress and its revealing body.

Now the actress has shared some more photos with her mother and brother in the same couple and also in another punk maxi on which internet users have come to the fore again and are also criticizing their brother and mother. Are

The photos shared by the actress also include photos of the couple, who have been criticized for several days. In the caption of the photo, he said that now it is known that dreams come true۔

The mother of Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah says that she does not like to ignore the guests who come to her daughter’s house.

A clip of Alizeh Shah’s interview with her mother on a private TV channel in the past is going viral on social media, in which actress Alize Shah’s mother, while answering the host’s question, told about Alize’s undesirable habit.

Alizeh’s mother said that whenever Alizeh comes to a house and ignores the guest even a little bit, I don’t like it.

Asked which of Dadhial and Nanhial’s guests she ignores the most, Alizeh said, “It depends on my mood, which is why my family members have said that if Alizeh’s heart is beating, she will call otherwise.” But sometimes something happens that disturbs you and makes you reluctant to talk to anyone.

The actress further said that now I can’t go and sit next to anyone by force and I can’t do all this.

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