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Andhera Ujala has come out of Ajala. How are some celebrities remembering actor Qavi Khan?

Andhera Ujala came out of Ujala. How is actor Qavi Khan overcome with grief by remembering a few celebrities?

Pakistan’s famous actor Qavi Khan died on Sunday evening at the age of 80 in Canada.

On hearing this news, along with millions of fans of Qavi Khan, I also remembered the period of my childhood in the mid-80s when the drama ‘Andhira Ujala’ on the subject of police investigation was aired on PTV and at that time from 8 p.m. Between nine o’clock in the streets, there was a crowd in front of the television.

And the reason for all this was Qavi Khan’s famous role as a police officer in this drama.

Qavi Khan was associated with Pakistan’s radio, TV and film industry for nearly 60 years.

Born in Peshawar, Muhammad Qavi Khan started his career as a drama artiste with Radio Pakistan Peshawar after which he moved to Lahore and was associated with PTV from its early days i.e. 1964 where he He also performed as a hero in PTV Lahore’s first drama ‘Nazarana’.

Muhammad Qavi Khan has numerous plays and films to his credit which are popular not only in this era but even today among drama lovers.

His dramas ‘Andhira Ujala’ and ‘Dan’ aired on PTV left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of people which are still fresh today.

Along with the news of his death, where the political and literary circles of the country are expressing their regret over his death, people are also expressing their thoughts on his wonderful acting, which brings life to every role.

In the top trend on Twitter, people are openly expressing their love and devotion to actor Qavi Khan.

Twitter user Samina Bilal wrote about Qavi Khan’s life that despite being over 80 years old, he was very active and strong and this was due to his morning walks in Model Town Park. He lived a great life that has a lesson for all of us lazy people.

Several users expressed their grief over Qavi Khan’s death, writing that an entire chapter has ended with his departure.

Many Twitter users have been reminiscing about Qavi Khan’s timeless acting in dramas, especially his drama Andhera Ujala and Qavi Khan’s role as a responsible DSP officer.

Along with the fans of legendary actor Qavi Khan, people from Pakistani drama, film industry and various fields also expressed their sorrow on the death of Qavi Khan and acknowledged his services.

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar termed actor Qavi Khan as an institution in his own right, writing that ‘Though I never had the privilege of working with him, his exemplary professionalism and humility were appreciated by everyone. who had the honor of working with him.’

Actor Adnan Siddiqui described Qavi Khan’s status as unparalleled in the Pakistani industry and wrote, “For many of us, she is a living example of not only acting but also living and learning about life.” I remain an institution.’

Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar paid tribute to Qavi Khan and said that ‘One after another everyone is leaving. Dear beloved people of our childhood.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi expressed her love and devotion to Qavi Khan and wrote, “One of the most prominent, successful, experienced and respected actors of Pakistan.” He who stuck to acting all his life and has never seen a positive actor like him.

In recognition of his outstanding services in the field of acting, he was awarded Satara Imtiaz and Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan.

According to local media, Qavi Khan’s funeral prayer will be offered on Monday after Zuhr prayer at Jamia Masjid in Mississauga, after which he will be buried at Meadowville Cemetery in Cobrampton, Canada.



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