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Ayesha Omar Telling Past Story

Karachi (NNS News) Who doesn’t know the name of famous Pakistani showbiz actress and fashion model Ayesha Omar, she started her career in the year 2000.

And today she is known as one of the most successful women in the industry. She recently gave an interview to a web channel in which she spoke openly about her past, childhood, and career difficulties. Actress Ayesha Omar, who speaks openly about women’s rights and social issues, gave a Talking about the inappropriate incidents that happened to her again, she said that she was a victim of ‘sexual harassment’ not only in her childhood but also for a long time after entering the showbiz industry. A clip of this interview is going viral on social media.

In which Ayesha Omar says that she is running 3 houses from her income, one of which is her own house (apartment) which is in Karachi. The actress said that my Karachi apartment is rented because I want to buy Can’t afford While the other house she pays for is in Lahore where her mother lives, Ayesha said that the house in Lahore is our own house which is small and I pay for it. The actress added that my brother is still in Denmark whose last tuition fee has gone.

During the interview, Ayesha Omar said that I have spent my whole childhood enduring the trauma of deprivation.

Talking about her early life, Ayesha Omar said that her father had passed away when she was 2 years old and no one had ever helped us at that time. My mother raised us alone but our economic situation was very bad. At that time I was wondering why in the end I could not have good clothes and a good life but today I am able to live a very good and good life.

Ayesha said that when she started working in the industry, she faced many difficulties, did not get paid on time and there were other problems but she did not give up. According to Ayesha, she was very young. Ziadati was a victim and at that time she did not have the friends she needed and no one helped her. “These things are actually very painful for me, but I’m sure you learn from everything,” he said.



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