Babar Azam House Inside View A Great Inspiration

Babar Azam, the star batsman of the Pakistani cricket team, was born and raised in Model Colony, a traditional neighborhood of Lahore. This neighborhood is located behind Firdous Market.

According to locals, he was quiet and serious since childhood. His parents, like his traditional parents, used to urge him to focus on his studies instead of playing cricket, but as a boy he would go out to play matches in the neighborhood team without telling his parents and would be scolded by his family on his return.

Babar Azam’s neighbor Zarina Idrees (who fed Babar Azam as a child) told The Independent Urdu that Babar Azam used to play in the street in front of his eyes and despite his parents’ opposition, he played cricket. He did not leave while he got his primary education from a local school in the area.

Speaking to Independent Urdu, his neighbor Dar Ali Malik said that Babar Azam used to play cricket in the street in front of him and like his elder brothers, he met children with compassion and adults with literature.

He never got into a fight with anyone in the neighborhood. We are proud of their success. He managed to score a century in the match against New Zealand and hopes to win the World Cup. He said that Babar Azam had moved here with his family due to security concerns but did not sell his ancestral home. It is now locked and he and his family often come here to visit their relatives.

Ali Raza, a hairdresser at the star batsman’s neighborhood bazaar, said he used to come to him for cutting and often commented on cricket and took an interest in matches.

Asim Azhar, a young singer from Pakistan music industry, was also moved by the enthusiasm and passion of national cricket team captain Babar Azam. In his social media message, Asim Azhar said, The mother was on the ventilator during all three matches.

The singer said, “My eyes got wet after hearing this sad news.” He asked, “What have we done for such heroes?” May all the mothers of the world be healthy, Amen. ”It should be noted that the father of captain Babar Azam revealed in a post released on social media that Babar Azam’s mother was on the ventilator during the Pak-India match, she went to the stadium to support her son. Went so that Babar would not be weakened.

On the day of Pak-India match, Babar’s mother was on ventilator, father Babar Azam
Babar Azam’s father Azam Siddiqui said in his post on social media that some truth should be known to the nation.

He said that congratulations to all of you. During the day, Babar Azam’s mother was on a ventilator and underwent an operation. Azam Siddiqui further said that Babar played these three matches in severe distress.

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