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Babar Junaid Marrige Photos Went Viral

According to details, Babar Junaid, son of Naat reciter and religious scholar Junaid Jamshed, who was killed in a plane crash, is already married and his pictures have also come to light.

Junaid’s wedding photos are now the adornment of the media, Babar Junaid was looking very beautiful on the occasion of his marriage, while everyone was surprised to see the pictures of his wife. Earlier, he had shared marriage photos with a girl named Ghaznavi on his social media account.

Fans of Junaid Jamshed, a great preacher and Naat singer living in millions of hearts, celebrated his 57th birthday yesterday. Junaid Jamshed’s sons Babar Junaid, Timur Junaid and Saifullah Junaid also paid homage to him on his father’s birthday.

Babar, who often shared v-logs and photos of his father on social media, shared a childhood photo with his father and wished him a happy birthday. Babar Junaid shared a memorable childhood photo with his father in his Instagram post. That they miss him so much.

On the other hand, Timur and Saifullah also shared a memorable childhood photo with their father and wished him a happy birthday.

It may be recalled that Junaid Jamshed was born in Karachi on September 3, 1964 and studied engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

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He has made a name for himself in the fields of music, fashion designing, songwriting and education.

In an interview, Junaid Jamshed said, “I wanted to be a fighter pilot, I couldn’t, I wanted to be a doctor, I couldn’t.” I wanted to be an engineer, but I couldn’t. Junaid Jamshed’s life started from the concert hall and took different turns and finally ended on December 7 on a hill near Havelian, but his voice and exemplary work are still with the people today.

Junaid Jamshed passed away on December 7, 2016 in a plane crash. His wife was also killed in the crash.



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