Monday, July 8, 2024

Bappi Lahiri Condition Right Now

Bollywood’s famous singer, composer, record producer and politician Bappi Lahiri has said that he is deeply shocked and saddened by the reports that he is seriously ill and has lost his voice.

The singer and composer of several hit songs like ‘Pyar Bana China Kahan Re’ termed the reports as absurd and false, saying that I had a slight cough but rumors were spread about me that I was very ill and my The sound is muted.

He said in his social media post for the first time after these reports that he is perfectly healthy and his three songs are about to be released.

“It’s a ridiculous thing that I’m very unhappy about. I shot a documentary with my grandson three days ago, so I’m sick and voiceless. How can I do all this?”

“I have been working in the film industry for the last fifty years but I have never had such an experience,” he said.

“I had a mild cough and I was taking syrups and tablets for it. It was a small thing and now I’m much better,” said Bappi Lahiri, a 69-year-old singer from West Bengal. Yes, but it was said that I am seriously ill and the voice has stopped.

It should be noted that some media reports had said that Bappi Lahiri has not recovered since recovering from the corona virus in April and his voice has also stopped.



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