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Beautiful Shots of Zara Noor Abbas With Her Nanad Rehab Siddiqui

After gaining popularity on television, actress Zara Noor, who is now acclaimed for her work in Pakistani films, says that although her mother and aunt are actresses, people talk to her thoughtfully.

One of Zara Noor’s films ‘Chhalawa’ was seen by the audience on Eid while the other is ‘Pary Hat Lo’.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC’s Fifi Haroon, Zara Noor said of her roles that she did it because she wanted to hone her skills over time.

About her fellow actresses in the industry, she said that they are very supportive.

He said that Maya Ali was confident about his abilities even before he entered the industry.

According to him, Maya had already started shouting that Pico’s (Zara’s love name) dance is like this and Pico’s acting is like this. So everyone said, “Well, then she must be doing well.”

Zara is working with Mahesh Hayat in the movie ‘Chhalawa’. Aren’t they afraid of losing their role by playing small roles with another big heroine?

“If I go to the set for a supporting role, I know I have a special place here and another place belongs to another heroin maya or expert, I will not interfere,” Zara said. ۔ ‘

Praising Mahosh Hayat, he said, “Working with Mahosh, I felt that he has no sense of insecurity and she pays attention to herself and as an actor it is very good.”

Zara’s husband Asad Siddiqui is also an actor. According to him, they are better friends than his spouse.

Zara said that since their first marriages had failed, they now have a more respectful and honorable relationship than love and affection.

Zara’s husband Asad Siddiqui is also an actor. According to Zahra, they are better friends than her spouse

“They have already lived their childhood and now they are living the relationship in a practical way,” he said.

According to Zara, although divorce was a big deal in her father’s feudal family, being the only daughter in her family, her three brothers and parents gave her a lot of support.

According to Zara, her grandfather used to say in every difficult situation, “So what ??” ‘

When they got divorced, the family and the nanny also agreed saying that the divorce took place, so what?

Zara says that at first there was a little bit of depression but then everything went well. Zara Noor’s father and mother have both recovered from cancer.

That’s why he said, “I am the daughter of these two survivors.” All they have to do is face the problem, face it, get out of it and get up. ‘

Zara Noor Abbas is the niece of popular actress Bushra Ansari and the daughter of Asma Abbas. Regarding its advantages and disadvantages, Zara said that the advantage is that the way those who enter the industry are afraid of harassment or any kind of misbehavior, it is theirs.

“Before anyone says such a thing, they think that the matter will definitely go ahead and it is because of Aunt Bashari. Aunt Bashari loves and supports us very much but I never got a job because of Bashari Aunty.

Zara and her husband Asad Siddiqui are working together in the movie Chhallawa. “I had no idea people would like our pair because we were already in a relationship, but I was surprised to find that people appreciated us so much,” he said.

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