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Bushra Ansari parted ways with her husband Iqbal Ansari

Bushra Ansari is a Pakistani actress,singer,comedian and a playwright who started her career in her childhood and won many awards and also she has done many contributions for Pakistan.

If we talk about the career of Bushra in showbiz industry,she has been in the drama and showbiz industry for over 42 years
Recently she divorced with her husband and after 36 years of marriage and she has two daughters from her husband as well.

If many of you dont know about her age,she is 65 years old now in 2021 and she is the elder sister or Pakistani famous actress Asma Abbasi.

In an recent interview on the her youtube channel with Mira Sethi, Bushra explained to the world the reason of her divorce after 36 years of marriage.

She also explained that what happened at that time when i got divorced and make such a big decision.

She said: I had the right to divorce,my father did this for me,that my daughter has full right to get divorced whenever she wants.

If you want further details on what she said
You can check her interview with mira sethi on youtube.

The daughter of Bushra Ansari is now stepping in the showbiz industry and making her name in Dramas.She is seen in the drama serial and had became a great actress and is competing her mother.

Her name is “Meera Ansari”.

If we talk about the successful daramas of Bushra Ansari it includes Neeli Dhoop, Saturday night live,Umraan jaan ada,Kuch dil ne kaha,Talkay ki ayegi barat and much more but the drama serial “Zebaish” was the center of attention and her career.

Words may be short but we can not summarise the their praise and their success in this article of such a beautiful actress.



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