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Discussions On ‘Khuda Or Mohabbat in After Sad Ending

Boys who failed in love went to the shrines after watching the drama but … Drama God and love even the elders got angry, what was the writer’s response?

Seeing the drama Khuda Or Mohabbat, everyone is in a dilemma as to what was the need to make this drama and if it was made then why it was necessary to make such a long prelude and kill both in the end, is this also a drama? He has no head or feet. The writer of this play Hashim Nadeem is also worried.

Writer Hashim Nadeem wrote in his Instagram post: “Yesterday I met an elder of the family who asked me if there was a need to write such love superstitions and if I did write it would be dealt with in 20 to 22 episodes.

Why give so long? To which I replied that I had written only 20 and 22 episodes, but the producer of the play made it so long and resorted to flashback. Answered everything but then asked what was the need to kill Farhad and Mahi in the end? To which I said why did you see these superstitions? ”

Well known actor Feroz Khan’s blockbuster drama serial ‘God and Love’ is also being discussed in India.

“God and Love” has become one of the top trends on YouTube in India.

Feroze Khan thanked the love of millions of his fans around the world after his drama serial Khuda and the latest episode of Love became a top trend on YouTube in India.

The actor shared a tweet of his fans on Twitter in which the 33rd episode of the drama was shown at No. 1 on YouTube trending in India.

Feroze Khan’s wife could not remain silent on the news of separation.

“Thanks to the fans all over the world,” Feroz wrote in his tweet.

It should be noted that ‘God and Love’ has broken all previous records of popularity in Pakistani drama industry.

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