Drama Serial Sayaa Sensation Bakhtawar Rasheed Current Nice-Looking Photos

Bakhtawar Rasheed is another famous child star of the Pakistani showbiz industry. She started her drama debut in Saaya and acted in the role of Guriya with Sohail Sameer, Khushi Maheen and Maham Amir. She performed exceptionally well in the drama series. Bakhtawar Rasheed also appeared in many television commercials and acted in many Pakistani drama serials.

Fans were outraged by the drama team for showing scenes in a recent TV drama linking women’s beauty to curly hair, and they openly expressed this on social media. In one of the scenes in the play, Syed Jibran is seen making serious allegations against his wife because of her curly hair and calling her ugly.

In the clip of the drama which went viral on social media, the husband tells his wife that he hid his hair from her before marriage and somehow managed to control her by trapping her in magic.

Husbands ridicule their wives for their curly hair and not only call their hair ugly but also associate their beauty with their hair. The drama team was criticized by people on social media for showing women’s curly hair as ugly for their beauty in the drama scene.

Most of the people strongly criticized the aforesaid scene of the play and said that in the past Pakistani dramas were stuck only in the subject of fair and fair complexion, now hair has also been included in it.

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