Thursday, November 30, 2023

Durdana Butt Last Moments Of Life And Message For Public

The life of Durdana Butt, an actress who won the hearts of the people with her unique style of acting, is a lesson that not only teaches patience but also the way of living in the world. Here is some information about Dardana Butt, the famous actress of her time, that you may have heard for the first time.

Actress Durdana Butt, who showed the essence of live acting in loneliness and crooked courtyards, was a gentle, caring and loving person not only in acting but also in real life.

Durdana Butt was an actress who was very fond of Sufi and mystical temperament, which is why she used to recite Bismillah at the beginning of her conversation and remember Aqa-e-do Jahan.

In an interview with Metro One News, Dardana Butt said that she was a very tom-type girl in her youth, and that is why I wanted to go to the police, but Allah approved of something else.

Durdana Butt has a sister and a younger brother, while Durdana was second. My elder sister from Mashallah is very beautiful while my younger brother is my darling while my father loved me more. In the process of getting attention, I became Tom Boy.

I used to hurt myself to get people’s attention, we who say hold fast to the rope of Allah, this rope does not come easily. This rope requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We are happy for our children to finish the Qur’an. No, the Qur’an does not end, but teach it to your children with translation. It takes time to understand a word of the Qur’an if we think about it every day.

Durdana used to say about life that life is a painful journey, and learn to endure this pain. The mercy of my suffering is my mentor, it is fortunate to have the right mentor. The grace of Allah is only when the servant himself strives to come to Allah. I am very powerful but I am also sensitive. But my operation made me cry, I cried a lot. Whenever we suffer from anxiety, it is due to weakness of faith. Durdana Butt used to say about death that we don’t remember the coming of death, the biggest fear is that death is coming. But we do not believe.

I was scared to death, but not anymore. But there is only one prayer to Allah that He will not give me a trial death. Instead of weeping over the death of its people, we should recite the Fatiha, recite the Qur’an. Every artist who leaves this world, pray for him, call all the artists.



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