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Ex Super Model Farwa Ali Kazmi blessed with baby girl

Farwa Ali Kazmi is a well-known name in the fashion industry. This beauteous muse really made a successful career in modeling. A girl with so a subtle and gorgeous personality took our hearts away. She had been presenting or endorsing the highest fashion brands for so long but then she decided to quit all this glam.

Model Farwa Ali Kazmi welcomes baby girl
Her decision definitely put certain questions in her fans’ minds but in a q/a session on Instagram she told about the thing or personality that pursued her to stop doing all she was into. She claims that nothing inspired her to do that it was just a reason that she stopped enjoying her work. Initially, she just started off this work for fun purposes but yes definitely all this became a source of earning money.

Farwa says that she was quite clear about the fact that she wouldn’t be doing this for a long time but she couldn’t quit it and kept going with the flow. Now she has totally stopped enjoying her work and that’s Why she decided to quit. We’ve noticed a remarkable change in her personality and that’s HIJAB. She has started wearing HIJAB. On her Instagram, she keeps sharing useful tips for kitchen gardening.

Model Farwa Ali Kazmi welcomes baby girl
Well, recently this diva is blessed with a baby girl named Zahra Ali. Taking to her social media handles she wrote they welcomed a sparkling star and named her Zahra Ali. This little munchkin is so beautiful Masah’Allah just like her name.

We are wishing them all happiness with health and wellness.

Did you guys get to say anything regarding the change in her personality? Do let us know here in our comments section below. Thanks!



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