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Falak Shabbir Is Helping Her Wife Sara Khan

Leading Pakistani actress Sara Khan has shared her new photos with her husband, singer Falak Shabbir on social media, which fans of both are looking very happy to see.

On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Sara Khan has posted some new photos with her husband Falak Shabbir.

In the pictures posted by the actress, both of them are wearing black clothes and in these pictures they are looking in a very good mood. While posting the pictures, Sara Khan has tagged Falak Shabbir without writing anything in the caption. But Sara Khan’s younger sister Noor Zafar Khan says in the comment box that “she makes very good pictures.”

Noor Khan’s comment suggests that Noor Khan is the main cameraman for Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir. Also being well liked.

Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan’s love made the fan cry

It should be noted that Pakistan’s leading actress Sara Khan is going to be a mother very soon and nowadays Falak Shabbir is sharing her new videos on social media in which Sara Khan is shopping for her next little guest instead of herself.

Sara Khan, a talented actress in the Pakistani drama industry, says about children that she has wanted twins from the beginning.

As soon as actress Sara Khan has announced the good news to her fans that a little guest is expected to visit her house soon, a video clip of an interview of Sarah has gone viral on various social media pages.

In this video clip, the actress is giving an interview to the show’s host Nada Yasir saying that she has been wanting twins since the time when she should not have even thought about marriage.

Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan’s love made the fan cry

“It doesn’t matter if they have children, good or healthy, girls or boys,” he added.

“He never thought he should be a girl or a boy first, but he thinks he prefers girls,” she said.

He laughed and added, “I think girls are better and they have more sisters and they have the same brother and it is good to prepare girls.”

Regarding naming the baby, she said that she and her husband, singer Falak Shabbir, would decide the name of the baby together, but she did not want to name the baby to any other member of the family.



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