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Famous Comedian Sakhawat Naz Stylish Photos With Family

Well known comedian Sakhawat Naz’s hidden talent began to emerge, he also mastered the art of playing the harmonium with the song.

Has got During the break of the stage drama “Mother’s Canine Eyes” at Al-Hamra Hall Mall Road yesterday, Sakhawat Naz surprised his fellow actors on the backstage when they also played the harmonium with the song. Actors Goshi Khan, Saima Khan, Zafar Irshad and Munir Raj praised him for his new talent.

Famous Pakistani actor Sakhawat Naz said that it is a great pleasure for the performances in the private TV show to be received more than expected. I will continue to strive for good performances in the future as well. Sakhawat Naz added that besides private shows, I am also acting in films. Whose performance is commendable.

Comedian and actor Sakhawat Naz has said that it is very difficult to put smiles on the faces of others and I have been doing this for many years.

He said that he had started his artistic journey from Faisalabad. If he had not come to Lahore from Faisalabad, he would have been living a life of anonymity even today.

He said that the place where I am today is only the grace of my God on me. Sakhawat Naz said in an interview that Lahore is a city of literature and culture and those who come here from other cities are highly respected by God.

Sakhawat Naz said that comedy is the most difficult task and sometimes during stage drama we have to deviate from the script. My goal is to spread joy on withered faces.

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