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Famous Cricketers with Daughters Stories

On social media, the players keep sharing pictures of the moments they shared with their daughters. Fans also see them and pray for them.

Muhammad Amir:

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Aamir usually seems to amaze everyone on the cricket field, whether with his fast bowling or his unique style.

Against India too, Mohammad Aamir had shown an excellent performance due to which he was once again in the spotlight and in the news. But now they are also seen expressing their feelings and thoughts on social media.

Mohammad Amir spends time with his daughter Mansa Amir and saves her in the eye of the camera.

On social media, he shared a picture in which Mohammad Amir was present with his little fairy while his daughter Mohammad Amir was doing make-up. While Aamir’s lips may also appear colored in lipstick.

Shahid Afridi:

One of the special things about Boom Boom Afridi is that he always seems to give credit to his daughters for his success, he has always thanked Allah for giving birth to daughters.
That is why their daughters always see their father as an ideal father. Shahid Afridi is also seen sharing his moments with his daughters.

During this year’s match, when the younger daughter Corona could not meet her father under SOPs, the father made a video and uploaded it in which the daughter was watching the father.

Asif Ali:

Pakistani batsman Asif Ali had shown his best performance in the recent ICC event after which the media including Pakistanis praised Asif Ali.

Meanwhile, news about his daughter went viral on social media. Asif Ali’s daughter Noor Fatima was two years old when her daughter passed away.

In those days, Asif was in the UK for the Pakistan vs England series, but on hearing the news of his daughter’s death, he immediately reached the United States.

In fact, Noor Fatima was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. Asif Ali preferred every possible treatment for her daughter’s treatment. Even today, the father is moved by the memory of his daughter.

Rumman Raees:

Rumman Raees is one of the players of Pakistan who soon made his mark in the team.
But the cricketer caught everyone’s attention when his daughter fell from the first floor of the building.

Rumman Raees’s two-year-old daughter loves her father dearly, while the father also falls in love with her.

Rumman Raees’ daughter has suffered a head injury and her nose has been severely affected while her daughter is undergoing treatment in ICU. The player has prayed to the fans for her daughter’s speedy recovery.

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