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Famous Rabia Anum Marriage Photos

Rabia Anum is a famous Pakistani Anchor, journalist, host and Newscaster. She was born on 22nd October 1990 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan). She also owned a saloon in Karachi. She got famous from television news channels whose name is Geo news and Ary news. Her news speaking level is so good and unique. Many newscasters try to copy her style but they fail to do this.

She conveys news in English and Urdu. Her accent to speak English is so nice. Due to her pretty voice and accent people like to watch the news which was conveying by Rabia Anum. She also hosts many shows and has a huge amount of fan following. Recently she was also invited into a Morning Show which is hosted by Nida Yasir. She was go as a co-host in this show.

In 2011, when she was an intern for AAJ TV, during her summer vacation at college, she was told that she had a very English accent, not suitable for casting news in Urdu. Steadfast, however, she landed a job at NewsOne and, within six months, got a call from FYR, where she was hired right after the audition. Nine months later, he was in geography. If we talk about the age of Rabia Anum in 2021, then she is 30 years old.

And she started her married life by marrying Obaid Rehman three years ago. And only a year after the wedding, by the grace of God, she became the mother of a daughter. And a lot of people still don’t know that Rabia Inam got married a long time ago. Rabia Anum is Pathan and her husband is Sindhi. Rabia owns beauty salons. His younger sister, a doctor by profession, runs one of the branches of Salon Rabia Anum.

Rabia never shares or uploads her daughter’s photo on social media. Rabia declared that “mujhe ksi ne kaha tha ke betiya buhet khaas ho ti hai isi lia unhe sanbhal ker rakhna chaye”. He also said that because of the evil eye he didn’t want his daughter to appear on TV, but when he grows up it will be his decision to show himself to the media or not.



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