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Flop Sister’s Of Super Hit Showbiz Stars

1-Sida Aziz
Sidra Aziz is sister of famous and bold actress Iqra Aziz. Beautiful actress Iqra Aziz, who became Kabir Hussain’s mother from an early age, is eager to meet her sister after the birth of her son. While Yasir Hussain’s post continues to be congratulated by showbiz stars and social media users on the birth of his son, Iqra Aziz’s sister is eager to meet her nephew.

Iqra Aziz’s sister in the comments section Addressing her, she called her “Queen”. She congratulated him on Eid and said, “I will meet you soon.” Even Iqra Aziz could not control her emotions after seeing her sister’s love. See you soon.

2-Hania Amir Sister
Showbiz industry actress Hania ​Aamir is always in the news, whether it’s about breaking up with Asim Azhar or teasing her fellow artists due to her playful nature, she keeps them in the news. Her Sister is also cute like her but still unsuccessful in showbiz career.

Hania Aamir’s video comes under criticism
Hania Aamir broke the silence on her relationship with Asim Azhar.

Recently, Haniy Aamir shared a video with singer and actor Asher Wajahat, which has drawn strong reactions on social media. When he is suffering from fever 101. In the video, Haniya Amir is with Asher Wajahat and he is lying on the bed covered with a blanket.

3-Minahil Khan
Minahil Khan ia sister of famouse actress Armina Khan but yet to make an impact in showbiz industry. Actress Armina Rana Khan said that she loves nature very much. He shared a photo with flowers in the garden, saying it was a testament to his love of nature.

He said that natural scenery is a means to bring him closer to his Lord. It may be recalled that Armina Rana Khan appeared in the film “Sher Dil” in 2019 and the drama serial “Daldal” in 2017.

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