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Ghani Ali’s harsh response to critics of husband

Ghana Ali has been working in Pakistani dramas for only a few years now and at present there is no drama to his credit for which he can be called a successful or famous artist. But Ghani gained a lot of fame when she married a man named Umair. People accused Ghana of marrying a married man only for his wealth. While some criticized her husband’s overweight. Ghani did not say anything about her husband’s first marriage, but when it came to her husband’s weight, she said, “I don’t want my husband to lose weight. I like him so much.”

My husband does not have an ATM.

Even after this answer, people were not satisfied and people kept criticizing him. Recently, on Ghana’s Instagram, a man sneered at her again and wrote, “Don’t look, she’s married to an ATM.” In response to this comment, Ghana replied, “My husband There are no ATMs and no billionaires. These are all rumors that have robbed us of peace of mind. My husband does a very normal job and thank God we are very happy. I don’t want to cleanse anyone, but it is better for a person to do his job, especially a thief, when he does not know the truth. ”

Why don’t people think before they criticize?

Why don’t people realize that every human being is created by Allah out of love before giving a bad opinion on someone? How bad would it be for Allah to mock and ridicule his form and physical constitution? In addition, every person has a personal grudge against which unwarranted or unnecessary criticism falls into the category of immorality and also causes heartache to the people. In our society, it is considered a common attitude to give a bad opinion to people, especially to make any kind of comment on a famous person. People consider it their right, while this attitude is very wrong as a human being and a Muslim. Celebrities are human beings and deserve the same respect as we do.



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