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Ghani Tiger God Married With His Dream Girl

Tik​​tok star Ghani Tiger got married quietly despite the lockdown caused by the spread of disease.

The Tiktok star announced her wedding by sharing videos and photos of the wedding ceremony on the social media site Instagram.

“I’m thinking of sweetening your mouth, what do you think?” He said, sharing photos of the wedding.

Sharing a video of Mehndi, he thanked the fans for their good wishes and loving congratulatory messages.

On the other hand, Ghani Tiger did not give any details about his wife. The face of his wife is not clear even in the shared photos.

Lip-syncing app Tick-tock is the most downloaded app in the world and this app is very popular in Pakistan which has gained a lot of popularity.

Tik Tak is a platform where ordinary users can gain fame by showing off their talents and so did Pakistani Tuk Tak star Janat Mirza.

Janat Mirza has become the only Pakistani tuck talk star who has 10 million followers on tick tack.

Tick ​​tock star Janat Mirza left everyone behind
There is not a single Tuck Talk star in Pakistan who has more than 10 million followers and this award has been given to him by Tick Tucker Janat Mirza recently.

In this regard, tuck talk star Janat Mirza shared a video on his Instagram in which he gave a message to his fans on this special occasion.

In his message, Janat Mirza said, “It is a great thing for me to have 10 million followers and thank you all for your love and affection. Keep supporting me like this.”

Tuck talk star Janat Mirza added in his video message that “I still can’t believe it and now I will definitely come to Pakistan and celebrate this joy.”

It should be noted that tack talk star Janat Mirza had recently appeared in singer Bilal Saeed’s song Shayar while it will soon be seen in a film.



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