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Hammad Farooqi Best Moments With Family

Hammad Farooqi was born on September 7, 1988 in Karachi. He started his showbiz career with a show, after the popularity of which he acted in many different shows and received a lot of praise from his fans. He then started his career as an actor in the TV industry. He is very popular among the people as he is an attractive and talented actor.

There are many celebrities in the Pakistan showbiz industry whose brothers, sisters, children or other relatives are showing the essence of acting. However, a few twin siblings are also making a name for themselves. Such as Ayman Khan and Minal Khan, Aini Jafri and Mehr Jafri, Jale Sarhadi and Jwala Sarhadi (who left after performing for some time) etc.

Among these twin artists is a pair of Hammad Farooqi and Faraz Farooqi, who not only have a lot in common with each other face to face, but also have many of the same habits, likes and dislikes. The two began their careers in 2010 with the dance reality show “Nach Le Season 2” aired on a private channel.

Later, when Hammad accepted the offer of the telefilm “Mother” to try his luck in the TV industry, Faraz’s entire attention was focused on his job and his business. However, in 2016, Faraz also started a drama serial. Entered through “My father’s high mansion” and now both of them are showing the essence of acting and showcasing their talents.

The other day we had a special conversation with Hammad Farooqi and Faraz Farooqi for the well-known series of “Jang, Sunday Magazine” “Kahi An Kahi”, the details of which are given to the readers.

Q: Tell us about family, place of birth, early education and training?

Faraz: We belong to the educated Farooqi family. Walid Tahseen Farooqi used to work in a well-known private bank, now he is retired. His mother, Rubina Tehseen, is a housewife who graduated from the Federal Urdu University, but got married during her Masters. Happened

From school to university, all educational institutions were set up in Karachi. I have a BBA in Marketing. In 2009 I got a job in a well-known company, so I traveled almost all over the world. And when I left the job in 2015, I was a business development manager. Parents have paid special attention to the education, culture and training of all of us sisters and brothers. Since the home environment is very special, all of us brothers and sisters try our best to fulfill the rights of Allah and His servants.

Hammad: I’ve done it. After completing his studies, he went to Bangkok for a media project, from where he returned to work with his brother in business and other matters. Now I am a full time actor, sometimes I see business.

Hammad Farooqi with wife and son
Q: Sister, number of brothers, who is the elder of the two, what is the friendship between them?

Faraz: We are the only sister of three brothers, Radia Salman. The eldest of us is Moeez Farooqi, then both of us and then Ladli Behna. Brothers are each other’s “crime partners” (close friends), but we all have a very good mental harmony and good friendship. Parents are relieved of our marital duties.

Q: Who was more naughty as a child?

Faraz: Well, we were both naughty, but Hammad was more naughty.

Q: Who is the most cherished parent?

Faraz: The parents never made a difference between the four of us. From childhood till now, they have looked at each other with the same eyes, wanted a lot and paid attention.

Q: Who was better at studying?

Faraz: Hammad was ahead of me in extracurricular activities, so I was in extracurricular activities.

Q: You are both the same shape, height is almost the same, so have you ever had any difficulty in recognizing relatives, friends?

Faraz: Sometimes even our parents don’t recognize us, but sister, elder brother, close friends immediately know who Hammada is and who Faraz is. I played the role of Barato Hammad and no one knew, but we told him later.

Faraz Farooqi in happy mood with family
Q: By what name do family members affectionately call each other?

Hammad: My nickname is “Hamo” and Faraz’s “Faju”.

Q: Are there any benefits to having twins? Is it not the case that the punishment for one’s mistake has been meted out to someone else or that one’s success has been summed up by someone else?

Faraz: Yes, often one brother would do mischief and the other would get scolded. Once in the fourth class, my paper was given by Hammad.

Q: Did you wear the same clothes most of your childhood and did the two educational institutions stay the same?

Faraz: We wore mostly the same clothes from childhood to 2017. Now even after marriage we sometimes do the same dressing. Speaking of educational institutions, we stayed together till schooling, but then the colleges separated.

Hammad: Although we tried hard to get into the same college, we couldn’t. However, our friends have been together since school.

Q: Are habits, hobbies, etc. similar to each other? What habits are the same?

Faraz: We both love swimming, cricket, gym and travel and we have many similar habits. Sometimes Hammad is thinking, the same words come out of my mouth. It also happened many times that we were in different places and the same things happened to us. Like once Hammad went to play cricket and I went to a party at a friend’s house. ۔

Q: They are twins and belong to the same field, so have you ever felt jealous of each other?

Faraz: Has anyone ever been jealous of himself?

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