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Haris Rauf Telling About Marriage Life

Haris Rauf is an extremely popular, talented and young Pakistani cricketer, he is currently one of the main bowlers of Pakistan cricket team. Haris has played a vital role in Pakistan’s recent wins against very good teams. The speedster became an overnight star after taking four wickets against New Zealand in the previous T20 World Cup, he became talk of the town for the cricket fans after his superb bowling. Haris’s International T20 ranking also got improved from 30th to 17th.

There are people all over the world, including Pakistan, who have a lot of passion for cricket. And in this year’s T20 World Cup 2022 which is being held in Australia, people are busy watching a lot of cricket. And the happy news is that today, on the occasion of Iqbal day i.e. 9th November 2022, Pakistan has made it to the final by defeating New Zealand. And there is no doubt about it, this was a team effort, not because of any one player or bowler.

Yes, in today’s article we are talking about Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf. Those who are familiar with cricket and are fond of watching it will know very well how Haris Rauf has made a name for himself in fast bowling in a short period of time. Here we clarify one thing Haris Rauf’s cricket career started with the trial of Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Lahore Qalandar. A few years ago, when the trials of Lahore Qalandar were going on to find new cricket talent, a friend of Haris was going to the stadium to give a trial, on which Haris’s friend said that you should also give your trial in bowling. And it was only that day that gave Haris such a platform that he has become the superstar of Pakistan today.

If we talk about Haris Rauf’s statistics, he has so far bowled the ball at a speed of 155kph. And if we talk about Haris Rauf’s wicket-taking so far, he has taken 29 wickets in ODI total out of which he has played only 15 matches so far. On the other hand, if we talk about T20 cricket, then he has played 50 matches in it so far, out of which he has managed to take 70 wickets. And he has also got the honor of taking five wickets once. Before concluding this paragraph, let us mention here that these statistics are being reported as of November 9, 2022.

While giving an interview to a private TV channel, Haris Rauf said what qualities he wants to see in his wife. When Sohail Warraich, the host of the program, asked the question of marriage in a humorous way, Haris Rauf said I want to marry a girl who has no interest in cricket at all. Haris added that the cricket talk should be left only to me and whoever the girl is should take care of me only. When the host of the program pushed the topic further, Haris said, “I want to do a ‘love marriage’ but I will do a love marriage in such a way that it turns into an arranged marriage.” If you also want to see the complete interview of Haris Rauf, then click on the link below.

As soon as this interview of Haris Rauf went viral on social media, people started saying that he is in love with actress Maya Ali. Because once he expressed his wish that he wants to have dinner with Maya Ali. A few days ago, when a man asked me on his Instagram story that he had dinner with his favorite actress, Haris replied that I still wish. You can see Haris Rauf’s wish in the post below.

What Haris Rauf’s fans said after this video interview went viral, let’s take a look at some of the comments made by people.

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