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Hiba Bukhari Choose Her Life Partner

The name of Hiba Bukhari, a beautiful actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, does not need any praise. The actress of the popular drama ‘Deewangi’ gave a shocking answer to the question of her marriage.

Leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Hiba Bukhari who achieved success from the beginning of her career and soon acted in many serials showing the essence of her acting in the industry, her fans are also appreciative of Hiba Bukhari’s acting, the actress said.

The video sharing app held a live question session on Instagram in which fans asked her interesting questions and the actress also gave her answers.

During a live chat session on social media, a fan offered marriage to the actress and she said that I am not single. Habba Bukhari said about marriage that I may get married soon.

He also clarified that the marriage will be solemnized at any time but it will take some time to settle the matter which will have to wait for a while. One user asked the actress, “Have you ever been there?” Love someone Haba used to say, “Yes, thank God.”

Popular actress of Pakistani drama industry Hiba Bukhari declared her love for fellow actor Ariz Ahmed.

Actress Hiba Bukhari, who played the lead role in ARY Digital’s drama ‘Be Rukhi’, recently held a question and answer session on Instagram, during which the actress revealed that she is not single but will get married soon.

After this revelation of Haba Bukhari, speculations about Habba Bukhari’s fiance had started on social media and in response to a question about fellow actor Ariz Ahmed, the actress called him ‘love’.

The actress also said that her fianc belongs to the showbiz industry and many people know her.

Now with her answers on social media, fans are thinking that the actress is engaged to Ariz Ahmed but she will reveal her relationship when the time comes.

It should be noted that actress Hiba Bukhari is playing the role of Sabin in ARY Digital’s drama ‘Be Rakhi’ while Ariz Ahmed is playing the role of Osama in the drama serial ‘Mere Apne’.

Even before this, both of them have shown the essence of acting together in private Tv dramas.



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