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Hina altaf went their honey moon after the 2 years of wedding

Actor Agha Ali told the story of proposing marriage to his wife actress Hina Altaf.

Agha Ali recently attended a program on a private TV channel with his wife Hina Altaf, where he told fans the story of meeting before marriage and then turning friendship into love.

Agha Ali said that we met on the set of the drama serial Lost Heart, in the beginning we did not talk to each other at all, slowly the conversation started.

“Then we became friends, after which we found out that they had a lot in common in their past lives. Then one day during a conversation, Hina told me that she wants to get married and settle down in her life,” he said.

The actor further said that my mother knew Hina and she knew my heart condition that I liked her so she told me that son then you should marry her.

Meanwhile, Hina Altaf said that her relationship with her mother-in-law is very friendly.

During the conversation, actor Agha Ali said that our proposal was very simple, I asked Hina on the phone that you want to be settled in life, I want the same, so let’s get married.

On the other hand, praising Agha, Hina said that he is very loyal, at the same time he takes great care of his family and I like this feature of his.

It may be recalled that Agha Ali and Hina Altaf were married on May 22 during the lockdown last year.



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