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Humaima Malick Latest Snaps With Farhan Saeed At IPPA Awards

Pakistani actress and model Humaima Malick said that foreign technicians have played an important role in the development of Indian film industry, and are still doing so today.

An acknowledges that Hollywood is the largest film industry and its technicians are exemplary. That is why it is important to start hiring Hollywood to improve the quality and technique of Pakistani films.

In an interview, the actress said that we have no shortage of talent. But at the moment we need to move in the right direction. Of One

Once we are in the right direction, there is no need to look back. In response to a question, Malik said that there is always a desire to have a unique script and character.

While working on my artistic journey, I have proven that I am capable of working in commercial and art films. Then whatever the character, if there is life in it, I will definitely sign it.

World-renowned actress and model Humaima Malick has said that along with the story and music of the film, attention should also be paid to dialogues.

It could be a movie. There are countless such examples in Hollywood and Bollywood. Apart from the story, locations and music of the film, if a little attention is paid to the dialogue, then it stays in the minds of the people for years, not one or two weeks.

Films are being made and the performances of the artists are very lively but there is still a lot of work to be done on the story and dialogue of the film.

She said that in the past there were many films of Pakistan and India whose dialogues we still remember today. Many comedy dramas are based on these dialogues which can be used to gauge the importance of a dialogue. The actress said that as far as Pakistani films are concerned, modern style cinemas have become our home and their number is increasing.

Young filmmakers, on the other hand, are producing great films with the latest technology, but they lack storytelling and dialogue.



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