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Jannat Mirza Shut Down Engagement With Umer Butt

Famed TikTok star Jannat Mirza, who recently announced to settle in Japan, has refuted engagement rumours floating all over social media. Since she has uploaded her snaps with TikToker Umer Butt, netizens started speculating that both of them are dating each other or are engaged.

Today, the bad news coming from the showbiz industry is that Jannat Mirza has broken up with her fiance Umer Butt. And the actress confirmed this news to her fans by sharing it in her Instagram story. And Jannat Mirza also wrote that you should not ask me the reason why all this happened. Well, one thing to mention here is that the trend of divorce and break-up in our Pakistani showbiz industry is increasing rapidly.

Jannat Mirza announces break-up with Umer Butt
22-year-old Pakistani actress, model, and famous TikToker Jannat Mirza got engaged to Umer Butt a few months ago. Both of them are famous TikTokers and content creators by profession. Even before getting engaged, the two were in love with each other and have been seen dating together in many places. Last month, Jannat and her fiance Umer were also seen together at her sister Alishba’s wedding.

Jannat Mirza is the only Pakistani TikToker who has the honor of having the highest number of followers on the app. She has gained so much fame that she is now often seen in modeling or acting projects. One good thing about this TikToker is that she always tries to stay connected with her fans. She says that she is in the position of fame today only because of her followers.

Jannat Mirza announces break-up with Umer Butt
Unfortunately, two bad news have come into the showbiz industry today, one is that Saba Qamar’s brother has left this world and the other is that the relationship between Jannat Mirza and her boyfriend Umer Butt has broken. Jannat herself shared her breakup confirmation on her official Instagram account. How much truth or how much lie is hidden in this matter, the coming time will tell because these famous Tiktokers also play with the emotions of Pakistani people.

If you guys also want to read Jannat Mirza’s post in which she confirmed her breakup, then check below.

Jannat Mirza announces break-up with Umer Butt
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