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Junaid Jamshid Brother Maaz Engagement Photos

Junaid Jamshed’s younger brother Maaz Jamshed got engaged. Photos of the engagement ceremony were released by Maaz Jamshed on social media site Instagram.

Releasing the photos, Maaz wrote that “the beginning of a new chapter in life”. Remember that Junaid Jamshed had departed from this place on December 7, 2016 in a plane crash. His wife was also killed in the crash.

This incident had saddened the people of Pakistan and it is evident from the fact that even today people remember Junaid Jamshed fondly. Junaid Jamshed’s fans are congratulating his brother on the beginning of a new life.

Humayun Jamshed, brother of renowned Naat reciter and preacher of religion Junaid Jamshed has said that his heart is calm that Junaid had gone in the way of Allah, my brother was a very kind person. Talking to him, Humayun Junaid said that my father and mother When he died, Junaid was preaching abroad.

He said that sometimes Junaid Jamshed would be like his father, sometimes there would be fights like brothers, but he was a very kind man. Like your

Real life changes send a message to the younger generation. Such people are very rare.۔
Moaz Jamshed, younger brother of famous and beloved Naat singer Junaid Jamshed, has got engaged.

According to details, Moaz Jamshed shared photos of his engagement on social networking photo-sharing app Instagram in which Moaz and his fiance can be seen.

Junaid Jamshed’s younger brother wrote on the caption of the engagement photos that ‘a new beginning’.

His friends and relatives are congratulating him on his engagement while those who know him on social media have also expressed their best wishes for him at the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

It may be recalled that on December 7, 2016, Junaid Jamshed was returning from Chitral on a flight of national airline PK661 when he was martyred in a plane crash at Havelian.



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