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Kubra Khan is very ill, appeal for prayers

Kubra Khan, the most popular actress in the TV and TV industry, fell seriously ill after falling victim to Corona, after which fellow actors are sharing messages for her speedy recovery.

Kabra Khan said in her recent Instagram message that she had recently suffered from corona and had severe symptoms, even losing her ability to smell and taste.

She said in her long Instagram post that now she has been able to taste the tea after about a week and is thankful for this blessing of Allah. This is the third day of wearing a T-shirt, no make-up and no filter has been used while my energy is absolutely zero.
“I am thankful to my Lord at this time for breathing in the calm air of freedom,” he said.

After this post of the actress, a large number of her fans are praying for her speedy recovery. At the same time, actor Gohar sent her a message of speedy recovery with a bouquet which has gone viral on social media. Calling the initiative a great example of best friendship.

Although the number of cases of the fourth wave of the global epidemic Corona virus is declining, actress Kubra Khan has recently fallen victim to it.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Kubra Khan told fans about being affected by Corona.

Kubra Khan wrote in his post that “As human beings we have humorous scales to measure what is big or small.”

“We are wandering in a world that has been given to us temporarily so that we can value everything and everyone,” he said.

Kubra Khan said that many people would say that something ‘as small as smelling morning tea’ or ‘breathing as usual’ is basic, isn’t it normal? Kabra Khan said that I am thankful to Allah and I am recovering. This morning I smelled my tea and I cried with gratitude.

The actress said that last week I had in front of me my favorite things: chicken frying pan, Natalie cake, chocolate brownies, I could not taste them or even smell them.



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