Thursday, November 30, 2023

Laraib Ibrahim One Of The Most Gorgeous Bride In Showbiz History

Laraib Ibrahim a picture which is circulating on Instagram and people think she is one of thw most gorgeous bride in Pakistan history. If we look at her photos she looks very beautiful in red lehnga and everyone in sharing her photo on wall and people are showing too much interest and Laraib Ibrahim got too much fame in no time on Instagram.

Laraib Ibrahim photo first shared by famous photographer maha Wajahat khan and according to some people she is makeup artist if we look at her Instagram profile she has more than 605k followers which is healthy number compared to other social network platforms.

As a woman, it took me a long time to convince myself. My family and parents didn’t want me to go out and photograph people’s weddings.

This is according to Maha Wajahat, a famous photographer from Islamabad.

Designer costumes, expensive make-up artists, branded jewelry, stage and hall decoration and many other things play an important role in making any wedding memorable.

But the most important thing in making all these things memorable is to find a photographer who can capture your important day in your camera forever. But it’s not that easy.

People complain about Maha that ‘Mahaz Photography’ is not for the middle class. He told the BBC it was because of the quality of his work.

“There are a lot of photographers in the market who have no degree, just a camera and are working in the field,” he said.

“I have studied this field and then I chose it as my field. We provide quality to our customers so that they are satisfied.

Maha said that if we talk about inflation, make-up artists are so expensive nowadays that they charge Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 for just one day. He said that nowadays a bride’s dress is as expensive as a day dress so she does not charge for four days of photography.

“Most of the time when brides come to us to make a booking, we always ask where and how much they have made their wedding dress,” he said.

“When she says that a day’s worth of clothes is worth eight to nine lakhs, then we feel that the amount of money we are taking for photography is nothing.”

When it comes to wedding expenses, there is no denying that people spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.



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