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Leading Pakistani sports anchor Zainab Abbas has given birth to a son

Leading Pakistani sports anchor Zainab Abbas has given birth to a son. She added photos on Instagram where she looks too much happy and excited.

According to details, Zainab Abbas, who has hosted several cricket events of the PCB including the International Cricket Council, was married to Hamza Kardar in November 2019. Zainab Abbas reported the birth of her son on Instagram yesterday. Also shared a photo.

In her post, Anchor enthusiastically announced that she will be the mother of her son and said that her little guest has arrived here on December 7. Zainab added that she has named her son ‘Timur Hamza Kardar’. He has also appealed for prayers from all the fans on his post.

Leading sports anchor and journalist Zainab Abbas has finally become a mother after two years of marriage, while Andalib Abbas, a female politician from PTI, has become a grandmother. Sports anchor Andalib Abbas, who got married in November 2019, shared a photo with her newborn baby on Instagram on the night between December 12 and 13 and said that she has given birth to a son.

Zainab Abbas said that her son was born a week ago on December 7 and she has named him “Taimoor Hamza Kardar”.

Announcing the birth of her child, the sports anchor said that becoming a mother is her best job so far. However, Zainab Abbas did not specify where her baby was born. However, the photo shared with the son indicates that both mother and child are now in good health. After the sports anchor confirmed the birth of her child, many sports and showbiz personalities congratulated her and also prayed for her newborn baby.

Zainab Abbas shared a photo with Baby Bump this September and told fans that she was expecting her first child soon.

It may be recalled that Zainab Abbas had married Hamza Kardar in November 2019. Andalib Abbas is the daughter of first class cricketer Nasir Abbas and PTI leader Andalib Abbas. Zainab Abbas’s husband Hamza Kardar is the son of former finance minister and former SBP governor Shahid Hafeez Kardar. Although Zainab Abbas is a sports anchor, she is seen hosting most of the cricket events.

She also hosted the 2019 T20 World Cup, while the Pakistan Cricket Board has also been hosting events.

Zainab Abbas started her career as a sports reporter with Dunya TV, after which she was seen reporting and hosting on several Indian sports channels. However, Zainab has said that she will maintain her commitment to the world of sports even after becoming a mother.



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