Mahira Khan Luxurious House Photos With Son

Every well-known Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has revealed that she is waiting for a rumor spread about her to come true.

Everyone is obsessed with Mahira Khan’s golden heart and beautiful performances.

Fans also want to know about Mahira Khan’s personal and professional life, so most of the rumors related to her caste are circulating which also get a lot of attention on the internet.

Mahira Khan told about the rumors circulating about her during an interview, a part of which she has shared on her Instagram.

Answering a question from the host of the show, Mahira Khan said, “There is a rumor circulating on YouTube about him that two palace-like houses are claimed on YouTube to be owned by Mahira Khan.”

Mahira Khan said that there are many pictures of her hanging in one house while another house related on YouTube claims that it is her house, that house is very beautiful and very big. She prays that this rumor I wish that house really belonged to him.

Every beloved actress of Pakistan Mahira Khan has denied the rumors circulating about her marriage.

Some short clips from a recent interview given by Pakistani actress Mahira Khan to well-known host Meira Sethi are going viral on social media platforms in which she seems to be answering many interesting questions in a pleasant manner.

During the talk show aired on OTT Plate, Mahira Sethi asked Mahira Khan a few questions at the end of the show which she answered quickly.

In the same questions, my Sethi asked Mahira Khan, “The strangest rumor you have heard about yourself?”

Replying to this, Mahira Khan said, “Nowadays, a rumor is circulating about him that he is married.”

Laughing, Mahira Khan said, “His father also asked him about this rumor that he got married and did not invite his father-in-law to the wedding. Mahira Khan said that this is a very strong rumor which Nowadays it is very common for them to get married.

It is said that she will judge a television reality show in which Shilpa Shetty and singer Badshah will be her assistants.

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