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Monday, July 31, 2023

Mawra Hocane Under Criticism For Bold, Hot Scenes In ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’

Mawra Hocane is a famous Pakistani actress and model, she gained huge fame when she was featured in Sanam Teri Kasam in 2016. Mawra Hocane age is 30 (years old) as 2022 and shared her birthday with actor Ranbir Kapoor on 28 September. She has a boyfriend Aamish Azhar and her net worth is estimated around $3 million dollar which she earned by her modeling and acting projects. She also established her own business in fields of clothing called UXM with her sister.

Mawra Hocane is considered to be one of the best actresses of Pakistani and Indian dramas and films. She has made her place in the showbiz industry in a very short time due to her amazing acting and sweet voice. There is no doubt that Allah has blessed this girl with immense acting talent. And she already had all the skills that are seen in an actress and model.

If we talk about the age of Mawra Hocane in the year 2022, then she is 29 years old. And luckily, despite working in the showbiz industry for 10 years, she is still a virgin and looking for a good boy to be her husband. On the other hand, a special thing about this actress is that she works in very selected scripts, she works in scripts that suit her mood and spread a positive message in society.

A lot of people are not aware that Mawra Hocane played the lead heroine role in 2016 Bollywood film Sanam Teri Kasam. This film also got a lot of success including in Pakistan and India. But the unfortunate thing was that being a Muslim actress, Mawra Hocane recorded some scenes which are not accepted in our society to date. If you also want to see those scenes, then click on the link below and watch the video.

In the film Sanam Teri Kasam, Mawra appeared opposite Indian actor Harshvardhan Rane. And people liked Saru’s role in this movie. But I don’t know why Mawra Hocane has not appeared in any other Bollywood movie after doing this movie. But it is confirmed that the number of fans on Instagram of Mawra is also found in large numbers in India.

Don’t forget to mention in the comments section below, have you guys seen Mawra Hocane’s movie Sanam Teri Kasam? And does doing such scenes give ‘beautification’ to Pakistani actors? So we will wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!



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