Thursday, November 30, 2023

Moammar Rana Bewitching Photographs With Brood

Actor Moammar Rana was born on February 26, 1974 in Lahore to well-known actors Shakur Rana and Shafqat Rana Family. For the first time, he played the lead role. Gum, actor Moammar Rana Rana has won the Nagaar Award for Best Actor in 4 other films including Mahindi Wale Haath and Nikki Jai Haan.

Mohammar Rana wife Mehnaz Pervaiz still cute,stylish and attractive. She told in an interview many celebrities of Pakistan showbiz industry proposed her. But She rejected everyone because she love her hubby more then anyone. Now she is not working in any project but in future she can make a strong comeback in showbiz industry.

Film star Muammar Rana’s bhangra to the beat of a drum in Liberty Chowk to celebrate his angry wife. Finally, his wife forgave him.

During one of his interviews, Muammar Rana revealed that whenever my wife is angry, I try my best to persuade her and recently, once she got angry, I took my wife and children to Liberty Square where And there he threw the bhangra to the beat of the drum and asked them to end their anger and finally the anger ended.



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