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Momal Sheikh Most Stylish Pictures With Husband

Momal Sheikh is a talented Pakistani on-screen actress and producer. Her well known works in serials are Yeh Zindagi Hai in 2008 and Mirat Ul Uroos in 2013. She was born on 15 May 1986 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Presently, she is 36 years old.

In 2016, she made her film career debut in the film Happy Bhag Jayegi. Sheik likewise co-delivered 2018 film Wujood with Shehzad Sheikh under her dad generation pennant Javed Sheik films which highlights Danish Taimoor and Saeeda Imtiaz in lead. She has worked in TV serials, for example, Mirat Ul Uroos on Geo TV.

Today, Javed Sheikh’s first wife Zinat Mangi and his daughter Momal Sheikh participated in Nida Yasir’s special Ramadan show (Shan-e-Suhoor). On the other hand, actress Sonya Hussyn also appeared with her mother. Today, Javed Sheikh’s daughter Momal Sheikh confirmed that her father has divorced his first wife. And she now lives with her children, Momal and Shehzad Sheikh.

Let us tell you here that this was Javed Sheikh’s first marriage. But unfortunately, this marriage turned into a divorce after the birth of two children. And after that many people started accusing Javed Sheikh of marrying for the second and third time. And after that Javed Sheikh immediately married the famous legendary actress Salma Agha. But unfortunately, this marriage soon turned into a divorce. At the same time, some people started saying that Javed Sheikh is a failed lover who falls in love with every woman.

But today, when Momal Sheikh attended Nida Yasir’s morning show with her mother Zinat Mangi, she confirmed that her mother no longer lives with her husband Javed Sheikh. But at the same time, she replied to Nida Yasir and confirmed that my mother still loves her ex-husband. Momal Sheikh added that wherever I and my brother Shehzad Sheikh are today, it is only because of their mother.

The actress also confirmed that we lived with our mother even in our childhood and our father lived in Lahore for months and even years as he was in showbiz. And it was our mother who sent us to school and prepared our lunch.

If you also want to watch Momal Sheikh’s interview on Nida Yasir’s show Shan-e-Suhoor, click on the link below to watch it. All we can say to you before watching the interview is that you will have tears in your eyes. Javed Sheikh’s first wife’s love may not be seen in the fact that she is still in love with her ex-husband despite the divorce. And of course, this is called true love. If you look at the video, the actress Sonya Hussain, who was sitting next to her, had tears in her eyes and she got up and hugged Zinat Mangi. Surely Allah is with those who are patient.

You knew about the divorce of Javed Sheikh’s first wife. If yes, you will definitely tell us in the comments section below. Thanks!



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