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Muneeb Butt Statement About Saba Qamar And Mahira Khan

Actor Muneeb Butt has said that Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan are older than him, so he will not play the role of romance with them in any film.

During a program, he said that if he ever gets stuck in the elevator, he would like to have Rimsha Khan with him.

When the host asked him who he would choose if he was cast in a horror film and allowed to choose the heroine of his choice, the actor named Yamnah Zaidi.

Asked which heroine he would cast with him in the romance movie? On which Muneeb Butt once again mentioned the name of Yemeni Zaidi. In response to the same question, Muneeb Butt, when given the option of Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan by the host, said that these two actresses are older than him. If we work together, they will look younger than us.

Respecting both the actors, he called them his seniors and said that ‘Mahira Ji and Saba Ji’ are older than him, he cannot do a romance film with them.

Aiman Khan’s husband and actor Muneeb Butt says that both Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar are older than me so a hero cannot come with them.

Renowned Pakistani drama actor Muneeb Butt and actress Amar Khan recently joined Nada Yasir’s show to promote their new drama “Baddaa”. On this occasion, the two shared many interesting things about their private lives.

During the show, Nida Yasir asked Muneeb Butt which heroine would you like to appear in as a hero in a romantic film? To which Muneeb Butt said I like actress Yemeni Zaidi very much. Nada Yasir said that it is not a drama but a film. Who would you like to be a hero with in the film? Muneeb Butt said that Yemeni Zaidi cannot work in the film.

I am talking about movie heroines like Mahira Khan or Saba Qamar,” Nada Yasir said. Muneeb Butt immediately replied to Nada Yasir’s question. No, they are both much older than me.

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