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Old Showbiz Superstars Who Are Now Ignored By Industry

It is a matter of time. In an era without which dramas would not be complete, they are now waiting to see when they will get another chance and become a part of the screen but it seems that people have forgotten them.

Salma Zafar

Actress Salma Zafar used to appear in every drama a few years ago in the roles of mother or aunt, aunty and put her life, but then she raised her voice that she did not get money. Jawariya and Saud withdrew from the matter but Salma Zafar’s career was also affected. She sells jewelery now online. But in the industry, she has not been seen in any drama for a long time. He said that Salma Zafar is a wonderful actress.

Sadia Imam

Actress Sadia Imam went abroad in such a way that she has no intention of returning. She is with her daughter and husband but even before leaving she had said a lot that she should get a show but it did not happen now it seems that people will slowly forget her, but Sadia Imam herself I am confident that everything will be fine and one day she will start coming back to the main lead.

Sabreen Hasbani

The most successful actress Sabreen Hasbani also disappeared from the screen in such a way that no trace was left. It would not be wrong to call her the most successful actress in the drama industry But Sabreen had to separate her life and this was not her plan. That is why they are busy with their husbands and children after marriage.

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