Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan showbiz who neglects bread from food

Man earns for bread . But some people leave bread behind in this race to earn money. There are many names in the showbiz industry who have not put a single morsel of bread in their mouths for a long time.

1-Sanam Jung
There is no precedent for the way Sanam Jang lost weight. But it wasn’t all that easy .Sanam had to get a lot of favorite things out of life . One of them is bread . Sanam removed the bread from her diet in such a way that she never looked back.

2-Ijaz Aslam
There is no precedent for the way Ijaz Aslam has maintained his fitness. But if you look at the life of Ijaz, this journey will not be easy for you. Ejaz manages his lifestyle in many ways. Whether at a function, at a party of friends, at a wedding or at a shoot. they eat home-cooked food and abstain from bread.

3-Fahad Mustafa
People are sacrificed for one of his voices … Fahad Mustafa made the people his devotees not only with his show but also with his personality. But the secret of Fahad Mustafa’s fitness and energy is to abstain from bread. Bread is scarce.

4-Humayun Saeed
Humayun Saeed is also one of those people who have decided to protect himself in the event of his youth not coming again and the most important thing he left behind in this regard is bread. Bread made them feel cheap, old and fat.



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