Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Babar Azam Announces Marriage Details

Babar Azam is the best batsman in the world. He was the first Pakistani batsman to make it to the top ten in all three formats in the history of cricket. Babar Azam is playing very well but his parents want Babar Azam to get married. The matter of Babar Azam’s relationship has been settled. He is going to marry his cousin and it seems that marriage is not easy. He will get married next year.

National cricket team captain Babar Azam will marry his cousin next year. According to sources, the national cricketer’s relationship with his uncle has been settled and it has been decided in both the families that the marriage will take place next year.

According to sources, Babar Azam has agreed to marry his cousin’s daughter. Just yesterday, former captain Azhar Ali had advised Babar Azam to marry him. Azhar Ali had advised Babar Azam in his tweet by tagging him.

Babar Azam’s relationship with his cousin has been settled and the two families have agreed to get married next year.

According to senior journalist Majid Bhatti, Babar Azam’s relationship with his cousin’s daughter has been settled and he has also got engaged.

Majid Bhatti said that the national team is also aware of the engagement of Babar Azam’s cousin.

Earlier, former national cricket team captain Azhar Ali had also suggested marriage to Babar Azam.

On the other hand, International Cricket Pakistan has declared Babar Azam as the Player of the Month. For the best player, there was competition between Babar Azam, Fakhr Zaman and Koshal Bhartal. Babar Azam scored 228 runs in ODIs at the ratio of 76 and 305 runs in T20 matches at the rate of 43.57. The ICC has launched a series of ‘Player of the Month’ awards for male and female cricketers from January 2021. The Player of the Month will be decided by the Independent Voting Academy, which will include cricket fans from all over the world.

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