Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistani Famous Singer Ali Azmat Clicks With Wife Doctor Fariha Khan

Ali Azmat got married with Fariha Khan in 2011. Both lives happy life and they have 2 kids. Ali Azmat said my life is key of luck for me and my life has been change after the entrance of my dear life in my hous. His wife is doctor by occupation.

A video of Pakistan’s famous singer Ali Zafar has surfaced in which he is mocking someone with a mischievous smile. He did not name anyone in the video, but it seems that he is responding to singer Ali Azmat.

Ali Zafar sang the song ‘Ab Khel Jame Ga’ of the second edition of PSL which was well received. PS5’s song ‘Tiyar Ho’ was sung by Ali Azmat along with other artists which was criticized by some people on social media.

After the release of PSL Five’s song, many cricket fans re-shared Ali Zafar’s song on social media.

The inaugural ceremony of the PSL was held at the National Stadium in Karachi on Thursday, which also showed mismanagement. The opening ceremony was also heavily criticized on social media. Singer Ali Azmat also attended the event and performed. But his song was stopped before it could be completed.

After the ceremony, Ali Azmat also expressed his displeasure over the mismanagement in an interview on a show on a local TV channel, ARY News.

When the host of the show, Wasim Badami, asked him about the reaction of the fans to the PSL Five song ‘Tiar Ho’, he replied that some rival artists had hired bloggers who had disputed the song.

Wasim Badami asked Ali Azmat to name him or else people would think that you were talking about Ali Zafar. In response, Ali Azmat said, “No, I am not talking about them.” Ali Azmat had refrained from naming anyone. However, it is also clear that PSL’s most hit song so far is Ali Zafar’s ‘Ab Khel Jame Ga’.

On Friday, singer Ali Zafar released a video of himself on his Twitter account. In which they are saying that if there is any problem going on in your life, any marital or social problem, business is not running, song or event is not running then I am responsible for it. Because I’m so powerful that I have bloggers on my payroll.

Ali Zafar mischievously said that who elected Donald Trump as the President of the United States? Pointing to himself, he said, “Brother.”

Ali Zafar said to put a dot board in his room and get up every morning and hit it. This will lighten the heart and reduce anger. “If you want me to come and stand there myself, I’m here for it,” he said.

During the video, Ali Zafar’s famous song ‘Ab Khel Jame Ga’ is played, then Ali Zafar folds his hands in a mischievous manner and smiles and says,

With the video message, Ali Zafar wrote that no matter what the problem in life, brother is present.

Twitter users also made interesting comments on Ali Zafar’s video. A user named Nadia Nazir wrote that yes, we Pakistanis had received a call from Ali Zafar at home. In response to which Ali Zafar said that the money arrived or not?

An account called Sabir Memes tweeted that all the memes have received money.

A user named Abid Mukhtar said that he did not say that he was criticizing. Otherwise we would have earned four paise. We continued to criticize in Free for no reason.



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