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Pakistani Superstar Saba Qamar Is Feeling Not Well

Pakistan Superstar,actress and model Saba Qamar is not feeling well she posted on Instagram stroy that she is sick and she also requested Pakistani people for prayers.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has given a humorous reason for not getting married yet.

She shared a story on Instagram, in which he was asked all the time by people and fans are also waiting for the answer to this question.

In the photo shared in the story, the question was written that someone asks me why you are still single?

The humorous answer to this question also reveals about this important decision of the actress’ life.

“I don’t want the daily tension in this four-day meditation cycle,” she wrote.

It should be noted that Khobro Pakistani actress started her acting career in TV and dramas with ‘I am a woman’. Apart from Pakistani film industry Lollywood, Saba Qamar has also shown the essence of acting in Indian film industry Bollywood.

Pakistan’s most popular actress gave herself a great piece of advice.

Saba Qamar, who is active on social media, shared a photo while enjoying the beautiful scenery in the open air.

In the caption of the photo, he addressed himself and wrote, “Learn to enjoy time, Saba, time will continue to enjoy you.”

Adding the hashtag, Saba Qamar wrote, “It’s a deep thing, it won’t make sense.”

It should be noted that Saba Qamar always shares her projects or her charming photos on social media with different captions.

Message to ‘Anonymous Fan’ who sent flowers to Saba Qamar

She is also seen sharing various stories on Instagram in the morning and evening to keep in touch with her fans.

Nowadays, the actress is busy shooting for her new drama ‘In the Name of Your Beauty’.



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