Popular Actress Ghana Ali gives birth to a baby boy

Ghana Ali is considered the best actress, model, and host in Pakistan. She has been winning people’s hearts for the past several years with her excellent acting in TV dramas. There is no doubt that Salma has an immense acting talent which makes her fit into all kinds of positive and negative characters with ease.

Actress Ghana Ali blessed with a baby boy
In the year 2023, if we talk about the age of famous Pakistani actress Ghana Ali, then she has turned 28 years old. Ghana started her married life by marrying Umair Gulzar in the month of February 2021. After a few months of marriage, she became the mother of her first child, due to which she also faced a lot of criticism on social media. After marrying Umair, she is completely absent from the TV screen and currently prefers to spend time with her in-laws and husband.

One thing that caused actress Ghana Ali to face criticism on social media was that the man she married is the second marriage of a guy. A lot of people were seen saying how can a woman get away with ruining another woman’s house because Umair also has a child from his first wife. Some people said that Pakistani actresses marry any kind of people for money and that’s why she leaves no stone unturned to destroy another woman’s home.

Actress Ghana Ali blessed with a baby boy
But in today’s article, we will see the happy news that actress Ghana Ali has become a mother again and this time a son has been born in her house and she has named her son Muhammad Elijah Umair. In her Instagram post, she quoted the Quranic verse and wrote, فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ. On the other hand, she also posted a picture of her new son and husband lying in a hospital bed.

If you guys also want to see some pictures of Ghana Ali with her newborn son and husband from the hospital then check out the below.

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