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Rabia Ijaz Latest Photoshoot With Her Family

Noman Ijaz, a well-known actor in the Pakistani drama industry, says that he did not let Begum know about his other loves.

An interview given by actor Noman Ijaz in the past is going viral on social media.

Interview host Effat Omar asked actor Noman Ijaz that we (actors) are a little in love, so what is the secret of your successful life?

Noman Ijaz replied that we (actors) are more or less in love. The reason for a successful life is that on the one hand we (husband and wife) fulfill the needs of this relationship, on the other hand if I marry my wife Rabia. The truth is that I am very lucky.

When asked by the host of the program about the slippery heart in life and one day of love, Noman Ijaz said that the heart slips so much, I can’t control it, there is love every moment and there is daily. So I am a very loving person.

The actor further said that if a woman is beautiful inside and outside and it is difficult, then I fall in love with such a woman the most.

Asked about Begum Sahiba finding out about his girlfriends, actor Noman Ijaz said, “I never let Begum know. I am a very strong actor and intelligent person. My wife does not know.”

When asked by female host Effat Omar if those with whom you are in love know your love, Noman Ijaz said that they know but not even their husbands.

Noman Ijaz said that what is going on in this society nowadays, Me Too, Hee Too, Shi Too, all this is happening due to distance from religion, our nation does not understand religion at all.

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