Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Reason Behind Malala Yousafzai Marriage In Very Young Age

We often read news on social media that we can’t even imagine in real life.

There is a lot of news that is against Pakistani society but it is called freedom of expression. Our today reported on Malala Yousafzai’s marriage and one of her statements which caused a public backlash in Pakistan.

In fact, a few months ago, Malala Yousafzai’s statement was discussed on social media in which she was saying that men and women do not need marriage. His statement was followed by a strong reaction from users on social media. “I still understand why people get married,” she said.

If you want to have someone in your life, why sign a marriage certificate? Why don’t we stay in partnership? Malala first asked why marriage is necessary when you want to live with one person. In other words, Malala is trying to say that just like the West, anyone can come into the house, have relations with non-men and non-women, have illegitimate children. Because that’s what partnership is all about.

But when Malala, who made such controversial statements, was found getting married today, she remembered the same statement. From this it can be said that either Malala had given that statement wrong or now she has taken the uterus. But there will be many people who will understand his statement.

Marriage, which has a special significance in Pakistani society, but his statement may have made people’s statements falter. Because he is in a position where millions of people listen to him.



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