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Sadaf Kanwal Looks Spectacular In Black Saree

In the month of May Last year, when model Sadaf Kanwal and Shahrooz Sabzwari announced their marriage on their respective social media accounts, there was an earthquake. People forgot about the Corona epidemic and started talking about their marriage and it seemed as if this marriage was not their personal affair but it is the biggest problem of Pakistan.

During this time, various allegations were leveled against both of them, especially Sadaf Kanwal, and some very personal remarks were also written.

However, a little over a month later, the couple is now working together for the first time since their marriage in a comedy telefilm, Neither Ghar nor Ghat Ka, which aired on Eid-ul-Adha.

This is their first project after Shahrooz and Sadaf’s marriage. Shahrooz said that he had been offered to act in many dramas since his marriage, but when the script of the telefilm came out, “Sadaf said that he would like to do comedy.”

“I wanted to do something different and it was very different,” said Sadaf Kanwal.

Sadaf Kanwal said that they did not choose the telefilm but the channel had approached them for the job.

On the other hand, Shahrooz said that Eid is an occasion of happiness and in any case due to the epidemic of corona in the country, people want a light job. The two work together during the telefilm to see how the directors use us.

And how we look at each other on the TV screen
We can expect Shahrooz Sabzwari as the son of a coined comedian, but why did Sadaf Kanwal decide to play a comedian?

Sadaf laughed and said, “No, it’s just from God.” She explained that when she went to audition for her first film, Balu Mahi, the director told her. “You can do comedy,” he said

Shahrooz said that while he was reading the script of the telefilm, he could only see Sadaf in the role of Sitara (Sadaf Kanwal’s name in the telefilm). “After that we both went to our father Behrooz Sabzwari and consulted him.”

On this occasion, Sadaf Kanwal said: ‘Papa told me to do it, so at first I was quite hesitant, but then I got some encouragement, so what? Did. ‘



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