Salman Khan Married To Sonakshi Sinha Latest Update

Salman Khan is part of the headlines every day with his marriage and anger and this is what is happening these days.

On social media, speculations of Dabangg Khan’s marriage have started once again and this time the name of Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of actor Shatrughan Sinha is being linked with Salman.

Sonakshi Sinha had started her film career with Salman Khan in the movie ‘Dabangg’.

The reason for Salman and Sonakshi’s wedding rumors has recently gone viral in which Salman is wearing a ring to Sonakshi.

The photo shocked thousands of Indians and social media users as it did not seem to be a film shot, making everyone think that Salman had secretly married Sonakshi.

However, there is no truth in the news of the marriage of the two actors who were born from this picture. This picture has been edited only for the purpose of spreading speculation and has gone viral on social media.

It is also worth mentioning here that this is not the first time that a Dubai woman has been linked with Salman Khan before this. Besides, a tweet about Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Sheikh also went viral. In which it was claimed by editing the picture that Aamir Khan has married Fatima for the third time.

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