Sana Fakhar Most Eye-catching Moments Of Showbiz Career

Actress Sana Fakhar recently uploaded some photos with her husband on his birthday, which led to severe criticism from social media users.

Most of the actresses on social media are criticized by the users for their dress or style and now the users are angry with the actress Sana Fakhr. Sana Fakhr shared photos on her Instagram account congratulating her husband on his birthday. In one of the pictures, she was kissing her husband.

Consumers are now sharply criticizing actress Sana Fakhr for wanting to upload photos on social media within her limits. After which the consumers took them by surprise.

Actress Sana Fakhr has given a scathing reply to the critics of the romantic image with her husband, saying that there is no place for haters in her life.

Sana Fakhar shared a video of less than 7 minutes on Instagram, in which she was seen talking about the attitudes of the critics of the romantic photos shared with her husband.

In a short video, Sana Fakhr, while answering the question of a woman traveling with her, said that in fact, the romantic photo she shared with her husband on Instagram yesterday showed the hearts of many people.

The actress asked if people felt bad that she shared photos with her husband. Or did she just not pay attention when you tell her something to do?

The actress said that she has no grievances against her critics, as those who hate and abuse her have no place in her life.

Sana Fakhr said that more people expressed their good wishes and love and respect for her than the number of people who criticized her after her photos.

According to Sana Fakhr, she has no grievances against the abusive and hateful people, because in fact such people do so out of some kind of injustice and problem.

Sana Fakhr also thanked the critics and said that they were the ones who gave the opportunity to criticize such people and they have no regrets in doing so.

The actress said that the personality of the abusers was evident from their words and she felt that such people got angry when they saw their pictures, so she expressed her best wishes for them.

It may be recalled that Sana Fakhr shared romantic photos with her husband Fakhir Imam on Instagram on January 22 and wished him a happy birthday.

In the pictures, the actress can be seen kissing with her husband.

After sharing the photos, many people criticized them and used very inappropriate language for them.

After the inappropriate comments of the people on the photos, the actress gave a sharp answer to the critics in a short video on January 23.

Sana Fakhr married Fakhir Imam in 2008. The actress started her acting career in 1997.

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