Sania Mirza once whooped Shoaib Malik “Kalu” due to his dark complexion

Pakistan produces famous people in two different industries: show business and cricket. Shoaib Malik is one of the biggest names among the cricketing world’s great talents. In addition, his union with Indian tennis prodigy Sania Mirza increased his notoriety. One cricketer who has enjoyed equal support on both sides of the border is Shoaib Malik.

Over time, Shoaib has also greatly improved his sense of style.

Shoaib Malik’s appearance has significantly changed since we first saw him play. Although Sania Mirza, who forced him to pay more attention to his appearance, deserves some of the credit for this. Now that Shoaib and Sania are no longer together, a lot of old clips are being released.

A video of Shoaib Malik has gone viral in which he claims that Sania Mirza referred to him as Kalu after he returned after playing a game. At that point, he began wearing cosmetics to seem respectable. Additionally, he mentioned that maintaining your appearance is more important for your wife than whether or not you wish her on her birthday. Through his own experience, he explained this.

The divorce rumors of Shoaib and Sania have now taken on a new perspective according to some media outlets. According to reports, Pakistani model Ayesha Omar is the cause of Malik and Mirza’s relationship. She is the same model who Malik worked with in a daring picture shoot. According to rumors, Malik and Ayesha are having an extramarital relationship.

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